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The specialty of this Toe Rings (Leg Finger Rings) is -Made of 92.5 Solid Sterling Silver nickel free as per International standards that makes it very skin friendly & you will feel comfortable when wearing it.*Jewelry Care Instructions ? Keep it dry and avoid wearing it when bathing, doing housework and swimming. ? Perfume is also corrosive to jewelry. Wear your perfume before putting on the piece. ? Do not touch it often, grease and sweat on hands will caused corrosion. ? Put it inside a soft cloth pocket or fabric swab, avoid it from rubbing against other jewelry.*Great Gift/Present For Her ?Anniversary ?Birthday ?Date ?Graduation ?Valentine?s Day ?Thanksgiving Day ?Christmas Day ?Mother’s day ?Romantic Surprises

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Weight 3.26 g
Dimensions 13 × 9 × 22 cm


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